We offer a comprehensive selection of both traditional and cutting edge exercise disciplines.  The customized fitness regimen we develop for you will combine a number of protocols that are intended to boost your strength, increase your stamina, and improve your overall health, regardless of your current fitness level! 


           PRIVATE Sessions (motivation & guidance)


ONE on ONE (60-min) personalized work out sessions are JUST FOR YOU!


*1 Session (Pay per session) $80​

*10 Sessions (SAVE 25%) $60/session                                         monthly plan available

           #BootCampNYC (are you a ToughMudder or Spartan?)


"On the Right Track" is a 60-min BootCamp styled, body weight, circuit training GROUP session, for men & women of all ages, held on the East River Park Track (E. 6th & the FDR) in lower Manhattan.



BootCamp NYC will be back soon

           Online Training (webcam sessions)


Don't live in NYC?

Live in NYC but don't have time to commute to Manhattan?

Would love to train but can't afford the in-person rates?

If you have the 60-mins, space & a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, we can still TRAIN!

We'll connect via Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Skype, & you'll forget you're home alone!


*1 Session (Pay per session) $50​

*10 Sessions (SAVE 30%) $35/session                                       monthly plan available

           Small GROUP Training (the more the merrier)


Got 60-mins, a group of 6-8 friends, co-workers, or a few family members that need to get in shape?


*1 Session (Pay per session) $25 each​

*10 Sessions (SAVE 20%) $20 each/session                                  monthly plan available

           Workout with a FRIEND (don't want to work out alone?)

Feel more comfortable with a friend, sibling or your significant other? Here's a (60-min) TWO for ONE deal!


*1 Session (Pay per session) $60 each/per session ​

*10 Sessions (SAVE 25%) $45 each/per session                            monthly plan available


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